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If you want to ensure that your office is in top condition and waste does not get in the way of your day-to-day operations, it is best to employ a specialist company. We provide expert office clearance services Merton that are specifically tailored to suit your needs.

At Rubbish Removal Merton, our main priority is to help you declutter your workspace and give you a cleaner office environment. We understand that time is precious, so we make sure our teams work as quickly yet efficiently as possible. We know that sometimes you need our services urgently, so we guarantee fast response times too!

Our staff have experience dealing with documents, files and furniture removals of all sizes. All of our employees are highly trained and knowledgeable; they will be able to identify what can be recycled or reused if appropriate. They will also be happy to answer any questions you may have during the process.

Additionally, we ensure that all of the materials that come out of your office are disposed of in the correct way. We want to help reduce your carbon footprint, which is why we dispose of all items responsibly by using registered scrap metal dealers and recycling organisations.

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We are committed to providing exceptional service and quality customer care, so don't hesitate to give us a call. Our experts in commercial rubbish removal Merton are available Monday to Friday 8 am - 6 pm and Saturday 9 am - 2 pm on Call Now!. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at enquiries@Rubbish Removal Merton. If you require more information about our services, please don't hesitate to enquire - we'd love to help you out!

Nobody likes working in an untidy office environment where they feel uncomfortable. Whether it's small bits of junk lying around or large pieces such as desks and cabinets, leaving them lying around can make it hard for you to focus on your job. Even if it's just for yourself or for your staff, it can be greatly beneficial for everyone when the environment is organised and clean - leading to better productivity in the long run!

By choosing Rubbish Removal Merton, you'll make sure your office space is clear from clutter without any hassle on your part. Our team members work quickly yet efficiently with the utmost respect for the contents being removed from the property. So why not get in touch today, see how we can help and book a free quote? You won't regret it!


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Best Rates on Rubbish Removal Merton Services in SW19

Contact the most reliable rubbish removal Merton company in SW19 and get the most affordable prices. We surely can provide you with stunning rubbish clearance results without breaking the bank.

 Tipper Van - Rubbish Removal and Waste Disposal Prices in Merton, SW19

Space іn the van Loadіng Time Cubіc Yardѕ Max Weight Equivalent to: Prіce (ex-VAT)*
Single item 5 mіn 1 50 kg 5 bags £50
Minimum Load 10 min 1.5 100-150 kg 8 bin bags £70
1/4 Load 20 min 3.5 200-250 kg 20 bin bags £90
1/3 Load 30 min 5 300-400 kg 30 bin bags £125
1/2 Load 40 min 7 500-600kg 40 bin bags £170
3/4 Load 50 min 10 700-800 kg 60 bin bags £215
Full Load 60 min 14 900-1100kg 80 bin bags £275

*Our rubbish removal prіces are baѕed on the VOLUME and the WEІGHT of the waste for collection.

 Luton Van - Rubbish Removal and Waste Disposal Prices in Merton, SW19

Space іn the van Loadіng Time Cubіc Yardѕ Max Weight Equivalent to: Prіce (ex-VAT)*
Single item 5 mіn 1 50 kg 5 bags £50
Minimum Load 10 min 1.5 100-150 kg 8 bin bags £70
1/4 Load 40 min 7 400-500 kg 40 bin bags £175
1/3 Load 50 min 10 700-800 kg 60 bin bags £215
1/2 Load 60 min 14 900-1000kg 80 bin bags £275
3/4 Load 90 min 18 1400-1500 kg 100 bin bags £435
Full Load 120 min 24 1800 - 2000kg 120 bin bags £550

*Our rubbish removal prіces are baѕed on the VOLUME and the WEІGHT of the waste for collection.

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Street address: 12 Gladstone Road
Postal code: SW19 1QT
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Description: Hire our proficient waste disposal company in Merton, SW19 delivering quality rubbish removal at great prices. Find our special offers today.


If you want a stress-free rubbish removal experience, look no further than Junk Disposal MertonMertonMerton. Their efficient and professional services make them an excellent choice.    
L. Peterson
Exemplary organization that was on time and showed great etiquette while delivering top-notch work. They cleared out all rubbish at a just cost for the amount taken away.    
Alison T.
Swiftly collecting and disposing of the waste, Waste Clearance Merton successfully completed the task at hand upon arrival in their capable van.    
F. Smith
Exceptional service provided by an amiable and cordial squad. I telephoned them yesterday and the job was completed today for a very affordable price.    
Andy M.
This is a good and cheap waste removal company. Rubbish Removal Merton carried off all the old magazines, newspapers and kitchenware for us.    
Charles L.
I contracted RubbishRemovalMerton to do some waste collection at a few of my properties. They offer excellent rates and their service is outstanding. I will be using them on a regular basis.    
Craig D.
Merton Rubbish Collection completed the rubbish removal job to perfection. I had no issues with the service provided.     
Rob H.
The office took my booking on Wednesday, and collection arrived Thursday morning, at the required time to my property. This lot of rubbish has been a stress, and one I no longer endure, thanks to Merton Rubbish Collection.    
Vincent Rinaldo
I was in need of waste removal services around my business premises, and RubbishRemovalMerton promptly showed up. Their work was outstanding, and so was the affordable cost of their work.    
Michael Fox
Fantastic stuff from Rubbish Removal Merton! The team that came round really were fabulous, and I have to say that they moved the vast amount of rubbish cluttering up my house without any problems. I will certainly be using the services of their rubbish removal experts again.    
Joseph Langley

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